Lately, since I’m writing at work , I feel like I have very little words left of my own. I’m sort of word-ed out if you will. Not for long though! I’m even starting to read again. I trekked over to Brookline library to get my new Emily Giffin book. See there, I saved the money I would’ve spent to buy the book on gas. What a deal! Ha, oh well.

This past weekend, I attended my second wedding in the past month (gulp from the single girl) and my parents were at this one too. Envision awkward dancing scenarios with boys who you’ve been darting around since 7th grade on dance floors. I met Sarah during those tumultuous middle school years and we stayed close throughout high school. Our birthdays are two days apart. We did all our driver’s ed classes in sync, and I remember that fateful day we, the two oldest, both came home with licenses before everyone else. And now she’s all growed up and picked a man forever. Here are some pictures!

A golf cart entrance into the reception at the Country Club. I totally, totally loved this. (Brian was on the golf team at UTampa where the love birds met).

And the bagpipes! What a cool way to walk into the reception!