What if you were able look back on your life on the same day each year, to see what has changed, how you’ve grown up and where you  have been lifted up, or disappointed. That’s exactly what David Nicholls let’s you do in “One Day” with Dexter and Emma, the two main characters. We meet Dex and Em on July 15th starting in 1998 and Nicholls let’s us travel through time with them until 2007.

Dexter is the golden boy, born into money and painfully good looks. He’s the type of person who has never experienced even the idea of ‘bad luck.’ Meanwhile Emma is sarcastic, witty, intelligent and self-demeaning. She’s the kind of girl who looks stunning but never sees the beauty in herself that others do.

Emma’s character as well as Emma and Dexter’s relationship overall really resonated with me. I am a big believer that many of the people in my life will be a part of it for a long time with blurry, undefined roles, and I liked how this book explored the possibility that the future holds, without glorifying it. Battles are fought and Emma and Dexter have some very real, raw fights both as individuals and about their overall relationship.

One Day is being made into a movie and Anne Hathaway will play Emma and Jim Sturgess is filling Dexter’s role. Here are some pictures

Here are some of my favorite quotes.

This was the lead in to a chapter taken from James Salter’s “Burning the Days”

“Sometimes you are aware when your great moments are happening, and sometimes they rise from the past. Perhaps it’s the same with people.”

“She had never been a proficient flirt. Her spams of kittenish beahavior were graceless and inept, like normal conversation on roller skates.”