Gulp. gulp. gulp. aka change, change, change. I’m not really such a big fan. I just LOVE keeping things the way they are. I miss my friends from my old job. I miss my apartment. I miss being 24– and not 25. I miss not having to stay on hold for an hour because my insurance company charged me $200 for a physical.I mean come on, those are mandatory!

Alright that was pretty negative nancy. And let’s face it, nobody really likes her. I know all this “new” stuff happening is overwhelming and AWESOME. I was ready to change a lot of things, and I wanted some fresh starts. So, I’m floating around in that in-between made some changes, but they haven’t really sunk in yet place. I know all that good stuff is coming and you can’t have that good ole comfort right away. In the meantime, I’ll keep gulping. And look forward to my birthday party for the time being.