Gossip is so tricky. “The Four Agreements” (one of my favorite books) calls gossip black magic, a way of using the word against yourself. It often feels so nice to gossip with your friends to hear them affirm, “Oh, you were right in that situation” or “Oh yes, of course, I think you said the right thing. She was being so rude.” We start off with intention of expressing our feelings, and instead wind up in this place where we’re using much harsher words i.e. “I can’t stand her. She makes me want to kill myself.”

For a long time I gossiped to talk about people who were hurting my feelings, not realizing that it was really only making the situation worse and aggravating the wound. To really get those  bad-for-you people out of your life in the way you want to, you have to forgive them, frustrating as that may be. Wise words from ~ing superstar Gabrielle Bernstein below.