No one really likes to admit that pit they get in their stomach when they feel, sigh, sad that something good happened to someone else. It’s that silent element of competition between friends, lovers, colleagues and sometimes even family members. It’s those moments when you see the excitment dripping off someone’s face as they talk about their new job/new relationship/new car/latest purchase/or latest spree of good luck. And you wonder, “Why, not me?”

You fear that you are somehow more behind or less because someone else has moved on, forward or even away.

Today, I was reading an interesting article in my Yoga Journal about the concept of mudita. Mudita is seen as the antidote to the feeling that your happiness can be threatened by other people’s happiness. Ultimately, the root of our struggles with envy come from the fact that we can’t be happy for others when we’re not happy with ourselves.

My Yoga Journal stated again that concept that I know is true but difficult to fix, “The fact is, the biggest obstacle to feeling joy is the negativity we hold toward ourseleves and others.” We need to feel as though our lives are gelling, things are working and we’re headed in the right direction in order to drop the itch to envy.

You deserive happiness. Just because. And there’s more than enough to go around. So enough, with the envy.