Taylor Swift mesmerizes me. She shares her diary with millions, and I find it incredibly brave. Thankfully, I have a friend from BC who shares my pure glee surrounding all things T. Swift and we braved the teeny-bopper (Beiber was opening too) crowd together to get a little “Our Song” + “You Belong with Me” + “Fearless.” Here we are in our new t-shirts.

Taylor opened the concert with “You Belong with Me” in such a fantastic costume. It was the type of get-up only she could’ve looked stunning in.

T. Swift professes her love for all things sparkly frequently, and I was thrilled to see her guitar shimmering and sparkling as she ran around the stage.

There were over 55,000 people packed into Gillette Stadium, and Massachusetts was the last stop on the Fearless tour. It was one of the larger venues Taylor played on her tour, and at one point as she took out her ear pieces to actually hear the sound of fans screaming, screaming and screaming her name, she started to wipe tears from her eyes. I know cynics would say that she does it in every city, but to me it was another moment of Taylor being her honest, real, raw self in front of thousands of people.

Here is the video that I think captures her spirit, her willingness to keep the ones she met before fame close and her desire to let the public take a look into her world. You will see her with her best friends, mom and the people she cares most about.