makes you think of who? your friends. your very, very best friends who have stood by you through tough jobs, tough men and tough life stuff.

here are some pictures that populate my SATC cast and moments in our movie.

Some Rollins ones– who get all the credit for teaching me how to let the small stuff go and figure out who I was, not who everyone else wanted me to be. I am indebted to you always, you put some South in me and I am forever grateful.

The other half one- Who knows me too well and loves me anyways. For calming me during my moments of insanity, dusting me off and making sure we’re both trying to live from that positive, good energy place.

The BC ones who let me be wild–  Thank you for putting up with my antics and taking them in stride. Thank you for praising my boldness and encouraging me to keep swinging.

And all the others who I have met over the past few years. I am lucky to have you all.

Now go see the movie!!!