Well, my disposable camera actually made it to Texas and back, and I finally finished up the roll. Here are some of my favorite photos from my trip to Austin.

The State Capital in Austin- such a massive building with a neat layout.  I loved this pink tree out in front.

Austin is a Southern city of music, and it definitely reminded me of my trip to Nashville last summer.  Here’s my Mom and I with one of the cool guitars the city has on display.

As I heard from all the true Texans I talked to before I left, you can’t go to Austin without visiting 6th street. 6th street is an ecclectic collection of shops, clubs, bars, tourist traps and UT college kids.

Here’s a shout out on 6th street to Austin’s music roots

6th street also reminded me a little bit of downtown New Orleans in an interesting way.

And here’s a shot of me at Town Lake in the center of Austin. Whether you want to walk, bike, canoe or go out for your afternoon jog, Town Lake has fantastic trails and lovely shade.