This weekend was a weekend of firsts for me…in only good ways. I rode the 66 bus by myself for the 1st time, volunteered with BC alumni at Herter park in Cambridge and finally saw Sarah’s place in Southie (probably only my second time in Southie). I had a fantastic time heading all over the city with Sarah and Nell. Here are some photos from our travels….

Here’s what we look like all cleaned up, out celebrating Chris’ 23rd birthday (Sarah’s little bro).

I finally met my second Rall. Here’s the birthday boy himself with his big sis

And while I was wildly disoriented waking up at 7am on a Sunday, I had a great time  picking up Herter Park with some fellow BC alumni folk, and it was so nice to have bikers and walkers thanking us as they passed by.  Here’s a little look at what how we helped trim the trees and clean up the park.