You know those make-a-wish bracelets from  The ones that were in maybe every magazine last Spring, on display at every boutique and department store known to man?  Well, by now you’ve probably seen them. The premise: Buy this cute little charm bracelet/necklace on a little colored string, make a wish and when your wish comes true the string will break.

I don’t even want to tell you how many of these wish bracelets I’ve purchased. But fine, I will– “Guardian Angle (angel), Kick Ass (shape of a cowboy boot) and True Love (heart).  Next obvious question, did my wishes come true? Yes, and no. But did wearing these bracelets remind me to keep track of my goals, stay true to myself and work towards what I wanted? Yes.


But each bracelet also cost me $25; so our relationship ended. However, my love for continues. They do fun promos on twitter, i.e. free shipping every so often. They also make really beautiful jewelry in general, outside of the standard ‘make a wish’ line.

After my friend gave me a Brazilet for Valentine’s Day last year (which cost only $5 a piece), I felt like I’d found a happy medium. Less expensive but a cool way to keep the concept of ‘make a wish’ on my wrist.

I think there’s a lot to be said for ‘wearing your wishes’ with you everyday.

On the days when all that little stuff seems to be going wrong, it’s nice to know you’re moving towards ‘right.’ Even with just a wish.