HBO still feels a little ritzy for me, my parents didn’t splurge for it until a few years ago. And I feel odd suggesting I’m entitled to it in my mid-twenties, that HBO stuff is for later. I didn’t lock in one of those fabulous plans with Comcast where the channel is miraculously free XX number of months, but then somehow the promotion lingers on indefinitely, if you complain enough. No, no HBO in this apartment.

So when I go home not only am I treated to the DVR now turned TiVO (terrible choice Comcast) but I also get to enjoy HBO and Showtime. Weeds isn’t new, and as I scoured HBO for new episodes of Big Love (when is that show coming back anyways?) I realized my HBO high was pointless. There were no new episodes of my favorite shows, an HBO ‘so what?’ moment. Bummer.

But then I heard my Mom say, oh no, no you need to watch ‘How to Make it in America.’ She’s usually pretty good with the TV stuff, I’ll give her that. I was envisioning some new version of Undercover Boss (i like that show, but i wasn’t in the ‘feeeeeelings’ mood it stirs).

Here it is short & sweet: How to Make it America follows two guys (Bryan Greenberg, the one from Prime w/ Uma Thurman, and Victor Rasuk as they try to launch their own premium denim line in NYC.) Victor’s got a crazy Uncle who is backing part of the deal, and also trying to launch his own energy drink ‘Rastah Monster.’

In essence: Two guys in their late twenties, taking a giant leap of faith. Cool premise, love the opening song. Take a listen.