You know those people who put their head to the pillow and magically drift right off to sleep. Sigh. That is not me. I’m a rocky sleeper. I’m too cold. My blanket’s too thick. I can’t sleep without socks. My pillow’s not firm enough. I could go on, but I suppose you get my high maintenance drift.

Over the years, I have adopted many tricks to ensure a better night’s sleep. The traditional: Read before bed. The new age: Try these yoga poses. The pill: melatonin. The college fix: ear plugs.

But let me tell you what I discovered: a simple sleep mask will do WONDERS. I thought, “But no, it will be like a headband. It’ll give me a headache. It will be too tight/loose/scented/unscented/soft/hard. (fill in high maintenance etcetera’s)

Instead, it’s just perfect. I got this Lambie one at Bath & Body Works and I really love it. I do think it’s the type of purchase that is worth spending a little extra money on (spending $20 instead of $5).