I finally moved into the city to be closer to my job etc, but unfortunately I haven’t posted anything for awhile because of the hefty amount of work the move entailed. I’ve been mulling over where exactly I think this blog should go. That being said– here is what I’m most excited about this morning.

Yes, that’s right- ZIPCAR.  I sold my car that I was driving at home because between the monthly payments, insurance, gas and the $175 fee to park in the lot by my apartment there was just no way I could afford it.  My mother has always been fascinated with Zipcar. So she kept telling me to look into it and after I lugged my groceries around a few times I realized I needed to have a car I could call on sometimes.  I was a little skeptical– how did you open these zipcars? how do you book a reservation?  Do you have to book far in advance?

However, I have been pleasantly surprised on all fronts.

You unlock the car with you member “credit card” on the dashboard of each vehicle. The keys are in each car.

You don’t pay for gas! Each car comes equipped with a zip car gas card that’s accepted at all major gas stations. (You have to return the car back to it’s spot with at least a quarter tank of gas).

You pay an annual fee of $50 and after that you can rent most cars for $8-11 an hour. THAT’S IT.

There are usually plenty of cars available if you book them the day of your reservation (esp. during the weekend).

And Zipcar has created this great app where you can unlock your car from your iPhone, extend your reservation from your iPhone, and even honk some cars!

Customer service is really great, and they really want to know what you think. I highly recommend.