I forget exactly when I started watching this show, but I remember thinking it was sort of medicore. I didn’t enjoy it as much as The Office or 30 Rock.  But thanks to the DVR, I’ve sort of kept the show on my radar.  Sure, The Office and 30 Rock are better, but Amy Poehler’s unwavering positivity is refreshing.  I’ve grown more attached to the other characters along the way too- Anne, Andy and Tom. So it may not be a show that’s definitely on the top of my list, but I enjoy it because it’s a little to over the top in just the right way sometimes.

This week’s episode was Halloween inspired. Anne was hosting a party that wasn’t going too well until Tom (T-Pain) arrived and spiced things up. Meanwhile Leslie toilet papered a house for the first time and threatened to waterboard a teenager for his pranks. (Anne in her costume below)