the-time-travelers-wifeI saw the preview for this movie and thought, NO THANKS. It looked sappy and sad, my least favorite combination. I figured it was a typical chick lit book, fun but not substantial. When my cube mate suggested I read it, I was less than enthused.  But then she went so far as to hand me the copy she had just finished, and I figured oh why not.

So, I was wrong; the book was better than I expected. It played with my sense of time, and it made me wonder why the events in our lives line up in certain ways. What if our future selves could meet our past selves?  What if  time was blurred and flexible?

The love story was unpredictable and fresh.  But I was constantly picturing Rachel McAdams in my head rather than the Clare I would’ve dreamed up of my own accord. Clare though was surprisingly lovable, strong and determined.  Her story wasn’t the ‘gee, i really wish my boyfriend could be around more, poor me’ one I was dreading.

Here are a couple quotes I liked:

“Hmm. Okay. Once upon a time—”

“When was that?”

“All times at once. A long time ago, and right now.”


“Yes, always both.”

“I hate to think of you waiting. I know that you have been waiting for me all your life, always uncertain of how long this patch of waiting would be. Ten minutes, ten days. A month. What an uncertain husband I have been, Clare, like a sailor, Odysseus alone and buffeted by tall waves, sometimes wily and sometimes just a play-thing of the gods.”