“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” was absolutely one of my favorite movies this year.  I loved the opening breakup “I’m taking a personal day” scene.  I rewound and replayed, rewound and replayed.  The scene nails that out-of-sorts slightly insane state of mind one often finds his or herself in after a really nasty, surprising breakup.

You break the rules; you call the ex.  You think you sound good. You pretend you just wanted to chat, catch up on things.  But desperation sort of oozes out of you without your realizing.  We’ve all been there, or watched a friend who has been there.  And the movie’s ability to document this feeling that’s so hard to describe, but so easy to feel was impressive.

I couldn’t find my favorite scene on YouTube, but here is another one from the movie that’s pretty good.  In it, Nick hasn’t really warmed up to Norah yet, and she’s getting frustrated he’s still harping about his ex-girlfriend. And she’s not jealous.

(follow the link to YouTube to watch)