I try not to buy books too often. But I found myself in the book section at Target tonight feeling like I needed a good book for my trip to the beach tomorrow. My book preferences can be summed up as  1.) Can’t be depressing 2.) Can’t be too chick-lity 3.) Can’t be about divorce/getting your heart irreversibly broken.  Try to keep it light right?  Lately, I haven’t been reading as much as I would like so here goes.

If you’re at all familiar with “The Last Lecture”.  You may be interested to know that Jeffrey Zasglow (co-author of “The Last Lecture”) wrote this book.  The book begins, “They arrived, unheralded, in my inbox one morning in June 2003.  The email came from Jenny, who offered three understated paragraphs about her relationship with these women.”

Here’s an article from the NY Times blog Well